About us

Introducing SCPatent, a company established in 2009 by Zmago Vidrih and two partners, with a primary focus on working with patents. As a certified prosthetist and orthotist (CPO) with over 20 years of experience in the prosthetics field, including 10 years spent at the Institute of Rehabilitation of Slovenia, Zmago has honed his expertise in helping patients with limb loss. Co-founding Art-Leg prosthetics, in 2009 Zmago invented the groundbreaking Art-Leg Sport knee, a pioneering technology that offers the correct sport position for skiers using the carving skiing technique.

Building on the success of Art-Leg, Zmago made the decision to establish SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p., as a solo venture, focusing on developing and marketing Protheflex materials for prosthetics and orthotics. Protheflex is a unique, flexible socket system designed to enhance the comfort and mobility of amputees, showcasing Zmago's unwavering commitment to advancing prosthetic technology and improving the lives of those in need. With over 15 years of clinical experience working with patients, Zmago continues to drive innovation in the field of prosthetics through SCPatent, Zmago Vidrih, s.p.

Protheflex is a flexible polyurethane resin used for manufacturing "flexible sockets and orthoses" in prosthetics and orthotics. The Protheflex system utilizes a unique sandwich lamination technique that combines nylon layers with Protheflex flexible resin and a rigid frame in the middle, resulting in a single-wall socket that is flexible, elastic, and responsive. These sockets are lightweight, yet strong with high tear strength, and offer durability and comfort. They also have volume stability, water resistance, and UV resistance, making them suitable for various environments. Protheflex materials have been tested for skin contact by ISO and proven as non-allergenic.

In addition to product development, Zmago is also actively involved in teaching clients worldwide on how to work with Protheflex materials.


SCPatent offers a full range of Protheflex materials, including resin, special PRS-PVA bags to work with Polyurethane resins, nylon polyamide 66 fabric, PSPC prostheses covers in 26 different skin colors – printed skin image on a fabric, laminating fabric with graphic designs, and the Pulling Donkey - a device for removing the sockets from the models.

Protheflex Socket System

The Protheflex socket system is a method of manufacturing flexible sockets with Protheflex polyurethane resin.

It is a "sandwich" lamination technique combining Protheflex material with a rigid frame in the middle. The result is a single-wall socket. The socket can deform and adapt to the movements of the amputee's stump, providing full support and stability while enhancing comfort and reducing pain. The flexible material is reinforced from the inside with a 3-finger rigid frame that provides pressure-tolerant area support while maintaining a large flexible surface area.


The Protheflex socket system is suitable for all amputation levels, from partial foot amputations to hip amputations, as well as upper limb prosthetics and orthotics. The system can be used with all types of socket shapes and suspension types, and for all activity levels, with no size or shape limit. The Protheflex socket is water-resistant, watertight, and tested to skin contact by ISO proven to be non-allergenic, making it an ideal choice for everyday life and sports.


The Protheflex socket system offers a range of benefits to amputees, including reduced pressure on prominent bony parts, longer activity/wearing time, muscle contraction freedom, stability and full control over the leg, more comfort when sitting, torsion movements available, easier kneeling due to flexible edges of the socket, and clothes-friendly design.